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Mount This Fish Company's Information Page

Listed above are a handful of different pages that can either give you information about the different types or fish mounts we offer or help you find certain fish replicas you might be looking for. Mount This Fish Company is proud to be made up of a group of avid anglers who have a passion for our industry. From our receptionist to our President we all enjoy fishing and understand the ins and outs of what make a fish mount look great. Above are a few links we feel you might find helpful, especially the Half Mount vs Full Mount link. If you are unfamiliar with the different between a full mount a half mount and a 3D mount this will help you better understand exactly what each of those are.

Also, be sure to not skip over our On Sale page. This page is full of items that are discounted from their normal selling price, allowing you to search for a good deal and remember that we occasionally offer discount codes that can also be used with these sale prices. To sign up for our newsletter and receive emails that give you those promotional discount codes please scroll to the bottom of the page and enter you name into the Newsletter box. We thoroughly enjoy and appreciated the ability to serve your fish replicas needs.

If there is anything you cannot find please Email Our Fish Mount Team or feel free to give us a call at 321-403-6677.