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Traditional Fish Mounts (Full Mounts)

Full MountsListed below are links to all the different full mount sub categories we currently have available for online ordering. Full mount is a term used in the fish replica industry to explain the type of fish mount. A full mount fish replicas is a two sided wall mount and is the equivalent of a traditional skin taxidermy mount where the fish mount is intended to displayed on a wall and everything is finished that can be seen while hanging on the wall. A full mount fish replica differs from a Half Sided Fish Mount which only has a front half and from a 3D Suspension Fish Mount which is completely finished on all sides and is intended to be hung from the ceiling.

Full Mount Production

Our two sided wall mount fish replicas receive special attention during production and the painting process which we call finishing. If you are ordering a full mount fish replica to commemorate a catch and are able to provide a photo reference, our production team and finishing team will reference your photo while working on your full mount. Production will analyze the different characteristics of the fish you caught to include rips in fins and tails, alterations to the face and jaw in some species and then specifically to finish the full mount to have the same coloring and markings as your catch.

But perhaps you are not looking to commemorate a catch and just looking for some beautiful wall decor.
Please do not feel like you have to be an angler to purchase one of our mounts. We have such a variety of different full mount fish replicas that we are confident you can find a species to brighten up your room and give it the tropical feel you may be searching for! Our production team and one of our talented artists will use our expertise to supply you with a full mount fish replica with realistic features and coloring.

Full Mount Shipping & Installation

Once complete your full mount fish replica will be carefully packaged in either our cardboard box packaging system for regular ground shipment or crated in a crate for freight truck shipment. When it arrives and you remove it from the box or crate you will see an easy level bracket on the back for simple and quick installation.

Our Production Team

Everyone here at Mount This are serious anglers and we bring our passion for the outdoors into our work. We live and breathe for the outdoors. This allows us to put very specific details into each mount that are natural to the fish and the habitat they are caught in.

Full Mount Fish Replica Warranty

When you receive your full mount fish replica, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the outcome you can return the mount to us, hassle-free for a complete refund. We want our customers to be happy with our work and we will do whatever it takes to make that happen. If during any point of the process from looking at our website, to placing an order, you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us, 321-403-6677.

While our overall goal is to have all of our fish mounts listed here on our website, unfortunately all of them are not. Other fish species are available upon request. If you do not see something you are searching for please contact us! We most likely can produce it for you.
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43 Inch African Pompano Fish Mount 43" African Pompano Full Mount

African Pompano Two Sided Wall Mount

Price: $688.00
45 Inch African Pompano Fish Mount 45" African Pompano Full Mount

African Pompano Two Sided Wall Mount

Price: $720.00
67 Inch American Twist Hot Rod Hammerhead Shark Replica 67 American Twist Hammerhead Shark Full Mount

American Twist Flamed Hammerhead Shark

Price: $1,250.00
Fish Mount Gift Certificate Gift Certificate

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