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The following are testimonials & pictures from some of our satisfied customers.  We appreciate the kind words and look forward to serving your replica needs!

I had Jared's Coho from last year done, My steelhead from last year and my Coho from this year.  They all came out great and now I have to add on to the house again to make room for this years taxidermy work.

The people who did the replicas did an outstanding job and used my Coho on their web site as an example of their work.  The time from order to completion was six weeks and the work was excellent.  Jared and I are very pleased with the results!

Thanks Troy!  When I hang them on the wall I will send another picture!  

Thanks again!

Well, I have to tell you .... this couldn't have been a better Christmas.  Thank you for all your help in delivery, in spite of the the snow blizzard!  You and your crew did a beautiful job, and I thank you so much.  

God Bless

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Bass mount that I received as a Christmas present from my father in law this year.  My first ever double digit bass and you guys did a fantastic job with the mount.

Thank you
Scott Giarratano
Telecommunications Guru and Opportunistic Fisherman

That is awesome!!  Words cannot express my gratitude to you and your company.  Obviously I didn't think about a replica until the last minute but I am very grateful to you guys for rushing that out.  I am sure she will love it!  Once again I thank ya'll very much and
hope ya'll have a very Merry Christmas.


Dear Troy,

What can I trophy King Salmon is beyond words. The finished product looks like it could swim right off my Canadian wall.
The match to the 30 pounder I caught is absolutely mind-boggling. I can't tell them apart, pictures to mount. I have seen many a mount and this one is in a class by itself. I'm thrilled! You have a permanent advertisement in me and my fish!

I also appreciate the professionalism that you and your company have shown me since day one of our transaction. You are a real gentleman who clearly is motivated to provide service excellence and to make a transaction in spite of the distance involved  in my case smooth, easy and something worth waiting for.

I've sent along a few photos of your masterpiece but the in-person product is beyond the's real! Feel free to post my photos if you wish as well as my email regarding my extreme satisfaction.

Best Wishes,
Murray Cohen

Troy --

The fish just arrived ... looks terrific.  It might not have the impact and coloring of the specially-painted ones you have done for us but we still marvel how life-like they are and how realistic the painting of the fish's skin looks.

We will be back in touch.


Hey Troy, Just wanted to say thanks for the quick delivery of a great product! Griffin


Sammy, the Sailfish, arived in fine shape and on time......the crate wasn't so lucky, but the fish was fine, so I guess you could say that the crate did its job of protecting it....
Many thanks, and hope to talk with you again in the future.

Robert Kegley

Hi there!

Good News!  I did receive the package on Thursday ~ and what a package!
My goodness ~ I like to have never found a place to hide it!   Just in time for our Anniversary, which was on the 15th of November ~  Good job!
What a beautiful likeness of the Alaskan King Salmon!  
My husband was totally surprised ~
The only thing that I can possibly say is ~ Thank you for the good job and the way that you handled this order.  Thanks again.

Carrie L. Foote

Hi Troy  

Just a quick note to say that I picked up my Fish last week and it was in perfect condition. I would also like to say that it's absolutely beautiful and I just love it. You guys did a fantastic job on recreating it to a life like copy of the fish I caught. I'll recommend you to all of my friends.  Thanks a lot.

Bob Palmer


I received the shell on Saturday.  It is perfect!  I also wanted to thank you for taking the time to ensure I had enough information to make the right buying decision.  Your customer service is outstanding!

Thanks so much!
Terrie Hargrove  

Attention to : Troy Denson

Dear Sir, just received fish today, very happy with your work, excellent paint job, to the tee, will recommend you to all of my military friends here at Tyndall, would not have been able to afford to get fish done without the military discount, look forward to doing more business with you in the future , once again thanks for a great job!


Dear Troy,

We received the tiger-shark yesterday and it came in flawless without a scratch on it. The stripes are perfect. I certainly appreciate you overseeing the crating. The foam pads really helped protect the shark during shipment. Thanks for everything. Its has been a pleasure dealing with you. We will contact you if we need anymore sharks.

Dennis N. Jones

Thank you very much! Holy Crap talk about SUPPPER FASSSST shipping!! And by the way the mountslook awesome! Thanks again.


Wow what can I say,the snook you did for me Troy is outstanding.  This was a pleasure for me to do buisness with you.  Keep on doing it.  Best of luck fishing.


Hey Troy,

Just wanted to let you know that I received the 47" Stripped Bass and that it looks awesome!!!  Thank you so much, I am looking forward to having the time to hang it on the wall.  It was a pleasure doing business with you, looking forward to having more fish done.

Thanks, again
Jim Tate


I got it.... Fantastic!!
It looks way better than i ever imagined. Truth is, i thought you were sending some sort of desk top trophy size thing. Which would have been great too, but this is awesome!  We're going to do videos for our Zinio version of the magazine and for the website and feature infomercials on some of the products made by our supporters - like you!
I'm very impressed with how great this tarpon looks - sad fact is, it's too nice to keep in my office, so we hung it in the main office where there will be much more traffic.  Anyway, we're gonna help you sell these things. When I believe in a product, I can usually push it pretty successfully.

Thanks again Troy,

LOVE IT!! thanks so much, Kathy

Thank you - I know this will be a great, great present. REALLY looking forward to receiving it - and by the way, THANK you for giving me a discount and THANK you for all your advice - so wonderful to deal with professional and nice people.

Jodi Dybowski

Awesome I love it I will post a great comment on your website.  Great Job!!!!!

Eric Bennett  

Hi Troy & Co.,

I wanted to send a couple of photos showing you how my fish look on the wall. Actually they look a whole lot better in real life but the attached photos gives you a pretty good idea of what they look like.

I absolutely love the way they turned out and can't wait to get some bait fish up there to finish off the scene, so when you have some time please send me your recommendations. Kim (my wife) wasn't to crazy about this idea from the beginning but as soon as the sailfish went up she really had a change of heart and really loves them all.

Thank you very much for doing such a great job and I really look forward to hearing back from you.

I'll talk to you soon,
Al Robbins  

We appreciate your business and precise execution of the order! Thank you very much!  I am sending a picture of the hotel - the new home of the replicas, waiting for them.

Diana Stefanova
Fishcom, Sliven

I recently received the 49" Salmon half mount. I can't say enough about the quality of your work. I have it hanging in the x-ray room where I work and have received numerous compliments.

Keep up the good work and I will surely be ordering more mounts from you in the future.

Hank Hansen

Lots of WOWS over this one!  Thanks a lot.  Can you send me a dozen of the color brochures included with the snapper?  I have to share your work with others.

Roxanne Johnson
R.J and Associates

After a great day of fishing, with photos of my catch, i sent Mount This an email with a picture of my sail, and said "make me this".  I chose them because they did an incredible job on my freind's rooster fish replica, and they did just as well with my full sailfish mount.  Thanks Troy.

Tim Setterlund

Hello, Mount This Fish People

We have received our Fish yesterday and he is terrific! We will be using him for a DC Lottery ad which we will be photographing on Friday. If you wish, I can forward a copy of the finished ad.

Terry Gregory
Production Director
MDB Communications

Hi Troy,

The shark got here today and looks fantastic.  I will take some pics of
it on the wall and send them over to you.

Mark F.
Coffee Shark Cafe

HI Troy

The mount looks AWESOME! He's already looking at the Tuna.
Thank You.

Shelly W.

WOW!!!  They look great!  Ill take photos of them up on Monday and email it to you.  Thanks so much and Mark (our GM) said well be in touch again when our other new building gets completed (probably next year).  Thanks for great work!

Beth A.
Nalley Auton

I just spoke with the installer and he finished the job on Saturday.  He said the pieces looked really good.  When I get the photos in I will forward them on to you.

Thanks Troy.

Don C
Soft Play LLC

Hi Troy-

It took sometime, but here is a photo of the mural & mounting we did of the 84" half mount sailfish.  We are very please with it & hope you agree that "Marlin Perkins" (after the famous Marlon Perkins) looks great.

Thanks again for all your assistance with our purchase.

Susan & Bernard Bell

Hello Troy

Thank you much.  You have been great to deal with and the mount I am sure will be as awesome as the first.  I already have a few people asking about you so I am sure more business to come!

Adam A. M.

The black tip shark was awesome! It's hanging in our ocean themed bathroom. Thanks for being so prompt in delivering the shark. I don't know how you keep your prices down but, I will order from you again in the future.

James J.Applegate,Jr

Yes, I did get the Mahi on Tuesday, and have unpacked it, it looks great.

Thanks again.


I received the flounder and it looks great!  I was curious to know what the weight was on the original flounder that this was mounted from or what the weight would be on a flounder this size.  

Thank you,
Scott Niolet

Hey Troy, we opened up the crates and got everything up on the wall, all looks great, I will get you some pictures in the next few days

We will be placing another order in the next couple of months, as a foot note, do you do any larger shark mounts? Just curious as I have had a lot of people comment on the small shark mount that we have so the impact of a large one might be an option if you are able to make one.

Just a thought

Nathan Lee

"Troy and his team did a great job on my sailfish and dolphin. Both fish were caught off Jupiter FL from my center console Sea Pro boat that we trailered all the way from Georgia. My fish are beautiful replicas and look just like the pictures that we took immediately after catching and releasing them. I have several other full fish mounts and was a little apprehensive about the half fish mount, but I can genuinely say that I am very pleased with how they look on the wall in my game room and they don't stick out off the wall like my other mounts do. Thanks Troy and team for a great job."

Ed Maxwell