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Because our number one priority is customer satisfaction, we are proud to offer a money back guarantee on every single fish mount we produce. All of our fish mounts including our half mounts, full mounts and our 3D or suspension replicas are available in many different species including freshwater and saltwater fish from all regions of the United States, as well as other areas around the world. By scrolling to the bottom of this page you will find our featured fish mounts which are normally on sale and in stock and ready to ship out to you immediately.

Fish Mount Decoration

Fish Mount Production

All of our fish replicas are made of fiberglass allowing our customers to practice catch and release which supports conservation or allowing you to harvest your catch for table fare. In order to accurately replicate your catch, the length, girth, weight and a picture of your catch is requested. But in all honesty, if you have any of these we can make it work. If you would like, we can custom paint your fish mounts from picture reference on all of our two sided wall mounts, which we call our full mounts, and our 3D fish replicas. Our half sided fish mounts are painted lifelike as if the fish is alive in the water, but we do not custom paint our half mount fish replicas.
Fish Mount Guarantee

Fish Mounts For Decoration

Maybe you don't fish. That is perfectly fine with! We have many customers that are interior decorators or just lovers of sea life. Our fiberglass fish mounts are used as nautical decoration for interiors and exterior of homes and businesses across the world. Our fish mount replicas make beautiful wall decor, can add a coastal vibe to any setting and they are guaranteed to become the focal point in any room. Our global customer's rely on us to produce fish mount replicas that meet their specific needs. Looking for a unique way to spruce up your business? Corporations, restaurants, sign companies, marinas and other businesses trust in the quality of our fish mounts to help decorate their interiors, use as props for their signage and for all sort of other applications necessary to finalize their projects.

Seafood And Restaurant Fish MountsLarge Projects? If your company is looking to decorate and/or have a project that requires numerous fish mounts please feel free to give us a call at 321-403-6677. We specialize in putting together combo packages that can be as small as 3 pieces and as large as you want. Over the years our team has provided hundreds if not thousands of large quantity fish mount combo packages for all types of industries including restaurants, hotel chains, airports, museums, fortune 500 companies and more. We look forward to helping you and are excited to hear what you have in mind.

In Stock Fish MountsAbout Our Staff

Each and everyone at our facility are avid anglers. We're all catching fish on a regular basis and understand the most important characteristics of all the different species we produce. True passion of fishing is directly relayed into the production and finishing of our process and you will see this come through when you receive your new fish mount. When our production team is casting and assembling the fish mount blanks we are paying attention to all the details of our customer's catches so we can most accurately replicate that fish. Our paint booth is equipped with a 42" Flat Screen Monitor that we use to display our customer's catch photos so we can paint to match the coloring and markings of those fish. We care about the final result and our focus is that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase and the commemoration of your special catch.

Custom Painted Fish Mounts
Attention To Detail!
- We believe that every mount deserves attention to detail. Your new fish mount is a reproduction of the fish you caught and it's very important to us that we capture all the characteristics of your catch. We look at your fish picture and incorporate components such as rips and tears in fins, hand painted customized glass eyes (not just solid colors like most outfits offer) and color and markings matching. If you are shopping around for a quality product and an appropriate price then you have found the right place but if you do talk with other outfits be sure to make sure the price you are receiving for your full mount reproduction includes:



In Stock 25 Inch Largemouth Bass Fish Mount 25" Largemouth Bass Full Mount

Largemouth Bass Two Sided Wall Mount
In Stock & Ready To Ship

Price: $400.00
38 Inch Spotted Eagle Fish Mount - In Stock 38" Spotted Eagle Ray Mount

38" Spotted Eagle Ray Full Mount
In Stock & Ready To Ship

Price: $608.00
23 Inch Largemouth Bass Half Mount 23" Largemouth Bass Half Mount Fish Replica

23" Largemouth Bass Half Mount
In Stock & Ready To Ship

Price: $165.00
In Stock 39 Inch Blue Marlin Tail 3D Mount 39" Blue Marlin Tail 3D Mount

3D Blue Marlin Tail Mount
In Stock & Ready To Ship

Price: $390.00
40 Inch Gloss White Ray Half Mount 40" Gloss White Ray Half Mount

40" Gloss White Ray Half Mount
In Stock & Ready To Ship

Price: $170.00
In Stock 35 Inch Muskie Fish Mount 35" Muskie Full Mount

Muskie Two Sided Wall Mount
In Stock & Ready To Ship

Price: $560.00