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Cobia are pelagic fish that primarily migrate up and down the coasts of Florida through Texas searching for easy prey and ready to bounce on any baitfish that gets in its way. Cobia also have a keen ability to follow manta rays, sting rays and bull sharks and lazily eat scraps of baitfish from the sharks and crabs and crustaceans kicked up by the wings of the rays. Our cobia half mounts are produced by using the front part of a two sided wall mount, full mount, mold. Only the front have is cast so the there is not a backside as there is when we produce a full mount. This method saves time and materials and we pass this savings on to you. The texture and finishing process on a half mount is the same as a full mount. Most of the backside of a full mount is normally not viewable when put on the wall anyway, so some customers choose to save the money and purchase half mounts for decoration.

Cobia Half MountsPainting The Cobia Half Mount

We don't custom paint our Cobia half mounts, therefore when painting our Cobia half mount replicas we paint the Cobia lit up and alive looking as if it was crashing your jig. Custom painting of a Cobia mounts is available with our full mount Cobia replicas. Cobias are primarily darkish brown that fades to a greyish, white belly and normally will have a one or two milky white lines that run horizontally from the face area to the tail. Those lines can be faint or extremely bold which some believe is directly related to their feeding intensity.

Shipping The Cobia Half Mount

All of our Cobia half mounts ship in a cardboard packaging system and ship via regular domestic ground. Our packaging team has shipped tens of thousands of packages worldwide so rest assured we have a packaging system to ensure a safe transit to you. With less than a 2% damage rate, Mount This Fish Company is leading the fish mount industry in safe and cost efficient shipping. All our shipments are insured by us so should anything happen during transit we will immediately rectify the situation.

Installing Your Cobia Half Mount

Each Cobia half mount will arrive to you with an easy to use hanger on the backside of the replica. The hanger is a resigned piece of fiberglass string that runs parallel to the floor and it attached to the upper backside of the half mount. Hold the half mount up on the wall, mark the spot where the middle of the hanger touches the wall, drill in a screw or hammer in a nail and then hang your new half mount. Some customers like to put two screws or nails in the wall about 2-3 inches from each other to give the hanger to takeaway the change of the half mount pivoting due to the wall being bumped or vibration, etc.
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