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Welcome to our two sided wall mount, Bottlenose Porpoise section of our website! Listed here are all of our two sided porpoise mounts that we have available at this moment. If you are looking for something specific and do not see it here, please contact us or keep checking back as we are constantly making new mounts. Our two sided mounts take 30 days to produce unless we have otherwise stated in the mount listing itself. When you order one of our two sided mounts, know that each mount has been made with care. Our entire staff is made up of avid outdoorsman who love being on the water, which means we have seen these fish in their natural habitat. This allows us to bring our passion in to our work and it definitely shows. Each mount is made up of fiberglass from a mold that has been cast off real fish. We do this so that our mounts show true textures to each species. Once your mount has taken shape we then have our artist airbrush the mount. We offer natural looking paint jobs, both the standard look or customized from a photograph you have, and sometime we offer unique paint jobs such as flames. If you are looking for a flame mount and do not see it, keep checking back or contact us letting us know that is what you are searching for and we will see what we can do for you! Each mount is then finished off with a UV gel coat which allows you to place your mount outdoors, worry free! This clear coat will protect the color from fading.

The bottlenose porpoise is such a beautiful and majestic mammal and is sure to look just as beautiful on your wall as they do in the water! Imagine having friends over to your house or clients in your office and having one of these porpoises hanging on the wall. Porpoises are very social animals, so what a great decoration to have on your wall in any social setting. The bottlenose porpoise is really an amazing animal and is one of our favorites to watch out on the water. The bottlenose is known to be able to reach up to 20 miles an hour, all while playing or chasing bait.

Whether you are looking to commemorate your own personal experience with a bottlenose porpoise or you are just looking for a beautiful decor piece, look no further. These are the ultimate, beautiful nautical decor that you have been searching for and we cannot wait to help you!

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36" Bottlenose Porpoise Mount
36" Bottlenose Porpoise - Fish Mount - Two Sided Wall Mount Fish Replica
More Info On Barracuda - Information provided by Wikipedia: Barracudas are elongated fish, pike-like in appearance, with prominent sharp-edged fang-like teeth, much like piranhas, that are all of different sizes which are set in sockets of their large jaws. They have large pointed heads with an under bite in many species. Their gill-covers have no spines and are covered with small scales. Their two dorsal fins are widely separated with the anterior fin having five spines, the posterior fin having one spine and nine soft rays. The posterior dorsal fin is similar in size to the anal fin and is situated above it. The lateral line is prominent and extends straight from head to tail. The spinous dorsal fin is placed above the pelvic fins and is normally retracted in a groove. The caudal fin is moderately forked with its posterior edged double-curved and is set at the end of a stout peduncle. The pectoral fins are placed low on the sides. Their swim bladder is large. All of our Barracuda Fish Mounts are anatomically correct and created using molds cast off actual Barracuda.
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