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Our Arctic Grayling fish mounts help you commemorate the catch of this beautiful species. All of our two sided wall mount Arctic Grayling fish mounts are made of fiberglass, are hand airbrushed for superior detail, have glass eyes made specifically for Arctic Grayling fish mounts and are clear coated with a UV protecting clear coat.

Please keep in mind that we have other size molds of Arctic Grayling fish mounts that may not be listed here.

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14" Artic Greyling Fish Mount 18" Artic Greyling Fish Mount
14" Artic Greyling Fish Mount - Two Sided Wall Mount Fish Replica 18" Artic Greyling Fish Mount - Two Sided Wall Mount Fish Replica
More Info On Arctic Grayling - Information provided by Wikipedia: Arctic Grayling grows to a maximum recorded length of 76 cm (30 inches) and a maximum recorded weight of 3.8 kg (8.4 pounds). Of typical thymalline appearance, the Arctic grayling is distinguished from the similar grayling (T. thymallus) by the absence of dorsal and anal spines and by the presence of a larger number of soft rays in these fins. There is a dark midlateral band between the pectoral and pelvic fins, and the flanks may possess a pink iridescence. T. a. arcticus has been recorded as reaching an age of 18 years. The Arctic grayling occurs primarily in cold waters of mid-sized to large rivers and lakes, returning to rocky streams to breed. The various subspecies are omnivorous. Crustaceans, insects and insect larvae, and fish eggs form the most important food items. Larger specimens of T. arcticus become piscivorous and may even take small aquatic mammals, such as lemmings. The immature fish feed on zooplankton and insect larvae. All of our Arctic Grayling Fish Mounts are anatomically correct and created using molds cast off actual Arctic Grayling.
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