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Our Atlantic Sturgeon fish mounts help you commemorate the catch of this beautiful species. All of our two sided wall mount Sturgeon fish mounts are made of fiberglass, are hand airbrushed for superior detail, have glass eyes made specifically for Sturgeon fish mounts and are clear coated with a UV protecting clear coat.

Please keep in mind that we have other size molds of Sturgeon fish mounts that may not be listed here.

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44 inch Atlantic Sturgeon Fish Mount
44" Atlantic Sturgeon - Fish Mount - Two Sided Wall Mount Fish Replica
All of our Sturgeon Fish Mounts are anatomically correct and created using molds cast off actual Sculpin.

More Info On Sturgeon - Information provided by Wikipedia:

The Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrinchus oxyrinchus) is a North American member of the Acipenseridae family and is among the oldest fish species in the world. It is one of two subspecies of A. oxyrinchus, the other being the Gulf sturgeon, A. o. desotoi. The range of the Atlantic sturgeon extends from New Brunswick, Canada, to the eastern coast of Florida. It was in great abundance when the first settlers came to North America, but has since declined due to overfishing and water pollution. It is considered threatened, endangered, and even locally extinct in many of its original habitats. The fish can reach 60 years of age, 15 ft (4.6 m) in length and over 800 lb (360 kg) in weight.

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