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Our Sculpin fish mounts help you commemorate the catch of this beautiful species. All of our two sided wall mount Sculpin fish mounts are made of fiberglass, are hand airbrushed for superior detail, have glass eyes made specifically for Sculpin fish mounts and are clear coated with a UV protecting clear coat.

Please keep in mind that we have other size molds of Sculpin fish mounts that may not be listed here.

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11" Pacific Sculpin Fish Mount
11" Pacific Sculpin - Fish Mount - Two Sided Wall Mount Fish Replica
All of our Sculpin Fish Mounts are anatomically correct and created using molds cast off actual Sculpin.

More Info On Sculpin- Information provided by Wikipedia:

A sculpin is a type of fish that belongs to the superfamily Cottoidea in the order Scorpaeniformes. As of 2006, this superfamily contains 11 families, 149 genera, and 756 species. Sculpins occur in many types of habitat, including ocean and freshwater zones. They live in rivers, submarine canyons, kelp forests, and shallow littoral habitat types, such as tidepools. Sculpins are benthic fish, dwelling on the bottoms of water bodies. Their pectoral fins are smooth on the upper edge and webbed with sharp rays along the lower edge, a modification that makes them specialized for gripping the substrate. This adaptation helps the fish anchor in fast-flowing water.

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