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Marlin Mounts

Shark Mount GuaranteeMarlins are known throughout the world as being one of the most prestigious fish you can add to your catch list. Let's face it, if you are viewing this page then you either have a passion for catching marlins, just happened to luck into one on a charter trip, or just know that a marlin mount will look great on your wall.

Many of our marlin mounts are classified as Quick Production mounts. So what are quick production mounts? Quick production mounts are some of the more popular size marlin mounts we sell. We cast the blanks for these mounts ahead of time and in groups allowing us to be more efficient and cost effective. We pass these savings and quicker production times along to you, thus the reason for some larger mounts being less expensive and having faster turnaround times then a smaller size which we have to make from scratch.

Blue Marlin Fish Mount

Painting Process

Sometimes our customers ask us to paint their new marlin mount to look like the picture of the marlin they caught. We can certainly do so if you have a picture but we advise you think about a couple things first. The picture you most likely have is either after the marlin has been pulled into the boat or back at the dock. It is a common understanding that marlin's coloring change during the fight and once they have exerted all that energy attempting to get away from you, they begin to lose their coloring turning very dark blues, browns and blacks. We suggest you allow our artists to paint the marlin with the vivid colorings. We can also paint any size mount to look like any of the marlin mounts you see on our website.

We also hand paint our eyes to give the marlin mount a lifelike eye. Not many fish mount companies take the time to hand paint their eyes, more common is for them to just use a standard glass eye made for marlins or just paint the iris blue but we add multiple of colors and patterns to give depth and realism to the eye.
Blue Marlin Eye

Crating and Shipping

Our crating and packaging department is extremely experienced in assembling a crate that is sturdy yet not so heavy to where the shipping costs become outrageous. Because of the general size of marlins, all of our marlin full mounts except the 43 inch blue marlin replica must be crated and shipping on a freight truck. Pricing on freight shipping can very from $80 to upwards of $400 for very difficult to reach destinations. If you would like to obtain a rate quote prior to purchasing you may email us with your ship to zip code and the product you are interested in and we will reply with the cost. Most freight carriers also give a discount for shipping to a commercial location, which we pass along to you. If you do decide to place your order before acquiring a rate quote, we will contact you with total cost delivered before we process any payment.

Black Marlin MountInstalling Your New Marlin Mount

Your new marlin mount will arrive to you with an easy to hang bracket on the backside of the marlin replica. With two people to help you, hold the mount up on the wall, mark the spot where the bracket touches the wall, drill in a screw or hammer in a nail and then hang your new blue marlin mount. The "easy level" bracket will allow you to position the mount parallel to the ground or pivoted so that the marlin mount is either swimming up your wall or down your wall. The choice is yours! We do suggest using a drywall anchor if you cannot locate a stud to drill or hammer into.

Other Marlin Mount Options

We do offer a few marlin half mount options, to visit this section of our website please click on Marlin Half Sided Fish Mounts.

We also offer eccentric Flames, Fire & Hot Rod marlin mounts, to visit this section of our website please click on Marlin Flamed Mounts.

If you are looking for a Marlin fish mount that is complete and ready to ship, please take a look at our In Stock Fish Mounts section.

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