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Our Cubera Snapper fish mounts help you commemorate the catch of this beautiful species. All of our two sided wall mount Cubera Snapper fish mounts are made of fiberglass, are hand airbrushed for superior detail, have glass eyes made specifically for Cubera Snappers and are clear coated with a UV protecting clear coat.

Please keep in mind that we have other size molds of Cubera Snapper fish mounts that may not be listed here.

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41" Cubera Snapper Fish Mount
41" Cubera Snapper Fish Mount - Two Sided Wall Mount Fish Replica
Here is some information on Cubera Snappers courtesy of Wikipedia

Lutjanus cyanopterus, the Cubera snapper, is a species of snapper native to the western Atlantic Ocean where it can be found from Nova Scotia to the mouths of the Amazon River in Brazil though it is rare north of Florida. It can also be found in the Caribbean Sea and, rarely, in the Gulf of Mexico. It inhabits areas associated with reefs, preferring areas with rocky substrates. It can be found at depths of from 18 to 55 metres (59 to 180 ft). This species can reach a length of 160 centimetres (63 in) TL though most do not exceed 90 centimetres (35 in). The greatest recorded weight for a specimen of this species is 57 kilograms (130 lb). It is commercially important and is also sought out as a game fish though it has been reported to cause ciguatera poisoning.[2]
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