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Amberjack Half Mounts
Within this category you will find our amberjack half sided replicas.

Amberjacks are hard fighting reef fish that have earned the nick name of Reef Donkey. Many amberjack's are caught over wrecks or reefs and they primarily eat live baits.

Our amberjack half mounts help you decorate and celebrate these hard fighting specimens. All of our Amberjack half sided replicas are made of fiberglass, are hand airbrushed for superior detail, have glass eyes made specifically for amberjack fish mounts and are clear coated with a UV protecting clear coat and even have a hanger on the backside for easy installation.

If you are looking for our two sided wall mount amberjack fish mounts please visit our Amberjack Two Sided Wall Mounts Section.

Here is more info on Amberjacks, courtesy of Wikipedia

Amberjack refers to three species of Atlantic fish of the Carangidae family (genus Seriola), which includes the jacks and the pompanos.

Greater amberjacks, Seriola dumerili, are the largest of the jacks. They usually have dark stripes extending from nose to in front of their dorsal fins. They have no scutes and soft dorsal bases less than twice the length of the anal fin bases. They are usually 18 kg (40 pounds) or less, and are found associated with rocky reefs, debris, and wrecks, typically in 20 to 75 m (10 to 40 fathoms).
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44 inch Amberjack Half Mount
44" Amberjack Half Mount
Price: $205.00

44 inch Amberjack Half Mount

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